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Trusted Advisors
We have advised governments, associations, and companies on critical and sensitive trade matters, where a misstep might threaten the clients’ viability or even provoke riots. It is an enormous honor and tremendous responsibility to be asked to serve a client when it really matters, and we are committed to living up to that obligation with passion and integrity.
Interdisciplinary Approach
We are lawyers, first and foremost (except for Chapman, who is both a PhD economist and a lawyer). But we are known for our ability to handle the technical matters that arise in our cases, from economic analysis, to statistical issues that affect dumping margin calculations, to technical matters of plant and animal safety.
Experience in Our World
Our practice is narrowly focused on trade remedies and related disputes. Within that field, we have worked in a range of proceedings (before the U.S. agencies and courts, NAFTA panels, and WTO dispute settlement bodies) on many different products (from tomatoes to steel pipe to plastics and computer chips) in countries around the world (from Europe, Latin America, and Asia). Our goal is not just to litigate, but to find creative solutions to the challenges that affect our clients.